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Current Weather for Sierra Springs Village

A NWS Partner Station - Reporting for Bass Lake Ca. since 2009
Updated every 2 minutes
  Last Update: 09:40 PM - 04/05/20 Station Status
Heavy Rain
Sustained Heavy Rain
Rain Rates of 0.28 in/h or Higher Reported
Heavy Rain
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High Today


Low Today



29.73 inHg

High Today

29.82 inHg

Low Today

29.71 inHg


1.68 in

Rain Rate

0.16 in/h (-0.16)

Highest Wind Speed Today 
 17 MPH at 9:03 PM
Current Relative Humidity 
Highest Relative Humidity Today 
 94% at 9:19 PM
Current Dewpoint 
 39.1 °F
Highest Dewpoint Today 
 41.7 °F at 12:50 AM
Current UV Index
Current Solar Radiation 
 0.00 watts/m^2
MAX UV Index Today
 0.70 at 12:59 PM
MAX Solar Radiation Today
 93.00 watts/m^2 at 3:57 PM
Storm Began On
 5 Apr 2020
Current Storm Total
 1.69 in
Rainfall Total Yesterday
 0.01 in
 Rainfall Total This Month
 1.69 in
Current Rainfall Total for Season 
 14.97 in

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Bass Lake Ca. Weather

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* This station is privately owned and operated.  While our data is used by The National Weather Service and NOAA in several official capacities, the comments and opinions expressed on this site are those of its operators and not of The National Weather Service, NOAA, its staff or any other governmental agencies.
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