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  Last Update: 04:33 PM - 11/22/14 Station Status
Heavy Rain
Light Rain / Drizzle
Measurable Rain with 0.00 to 0.04 Rain Rate
Heavy Rain
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High Today


Low Today



30.12 inHg

High Today

30.21 inHg

Low Today

30.12 inHg


0.38 in

Rain Rate

0.00 in/h (0.00)

Wind speed gauge Wind direction gauge Wind run gauge
Highest Wind Speed Today 
 4 MPH at 4:08 PM
Current Relative Humidity 
Highest Relative Humidity Today 
 96% at 4:01 PM
Current Dewpoint 
 51.4 °F
Highest Dewpoint Today 
 52.3 °F at 3:46 PM
Current UV Index
Current Solar Radiation 
 9.00 watts/m^2
MAX UV Index Today
 1.30 at 12:12 PM
MAX Solar Radiation Today
 260.00 watts/m^2 at 1:44 PM
Storm Began On
 22 Nov 2014
Current Storm Total
 0.38 in
Rainfall Total Yesterday
 0.01 in
 Rainfall Total This Month
 2.08 in
Current Rainfall Total for Season 
 3.54 in

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