Time-lapse Movie Gallery
Selected full-day length movies from various seasons
Offered in MPEG4 Format

Winter 09 Snow Storm - Feb. 17 2009 Spring 09 Spring Clouds Forming - May 2009
Sun to Snow April 2011
Snow Storm Feb. 2009 Spring Skies 2009 Spring Clouds Form '09
When the bow breaks... 12/07/09 October Rain Image Swirling Clouds Image Day After Big Storm
When the Bow Breaks 12/09
October Rain 2009 Swirling Clouds May 2009 The Day After Oct. '09
December Flurries 2009
MayDay Rain
Storm Moves In Part 1
Storm Moves In Part 2
December Flurries '09
MayDay Rain '09
Storm Moves in 1
Storm Moves In 2

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